Keveney’s love of food started at a young age. She grew up on a commercial apple orchard in Winchester, Va. Her family had large gardens every year and canned much of their own food. Her father was a hunter and fisherman and her mother was an amazing cook, making farm-to-table meals daily. In 1992, she spent a year in France as an exchange student and fell in love with, not only the food but also the beautiful farmers’ markets that were such a staple of French life.


In 2004, she and her husband, Luke, moved back to his family farm in Monroe County, WV and immediately started cultivating their own ideas in the form of market vegetables, herbs, heritage pork, and eggs. For over a decade, they have raised produce and often pork and developed a solid community of fellow producers and steady customers.  One winter’s eve, by the fire, they decided to try selling Keveney’s homemade soups and loaves of bread. Redwing Soup was launched in February of 2015. Paralleling the iconic milkman delivery service, with sustainable packaging, their vision was and remains local farm-direct ingredients, made into hearty, healthy soups and salads and delivered weekly to the doorsteps of their customers.  

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